Ciao Italy

Help tourists find, compare, and book tours all around Italy

Ciao Italy Tours is a tour operator based in Staten Island, New York that represents Carrani Tours Group. Ciao Italy specializes in tailor-made services and travel solutions to Italy as a local expert.


We reimagined the tourist's browsing experience in order to increase the conversion rate of purchasing guided tours.

As one of the leading tour operators in Italy, we needed to understand their typical audience and their target audience. We also needed to figure out how to structure the redesign to address B2B vs B2C clientele. On their current website, we notice that there is no differentiation in their information architecture, strategy, or a streamline experience for either.


Ciao Italy wanted to focus growth for their travel customers. With a clear target persona, we prioritized creating a seamless browsing experience and purchasing process for users that would be easy to peruse and scan through, to maximize conversion rate for visitors to the website and give consumers confidence in their purchase.

Brand design

Ciao Italy operating across a vast array of global markets, specifically Europe and the US. So cultural sensitivity was a top priority for the visual identity. We created a system that was flexible yet memorable and familiar to other travel agencies. A neutral color palette and simple, bold typography creates a clean site hierarchy and information structure that is multilingual. This makes it easy for any user to adapt and use, while staying true to the core brand identity.

There were a lot of visual and content design to iron out, although I was keen to do a branding workshop, we were so pressed on time that it didn’t allow it. We decided it would be best to go for a more conventional solution and revisit brand design. We wanted to utilized a san serif for its clean lines and exceptional language support and strategic iconography. The intentional is to make it easier to translate across countries and cultures.


During our research phase, our data shows what sites users are familiar with and what tools they feel comfortable using. We took these examples as inspirations to leveraging a UI similar to these brands to help users adapt to the Ciao Italy website. I also looked at products that filtered content specifically to B2C audience – Get Your Guide, Airbnb, Momondo, Student Universe, and others.

We intentionally created a very simple commerce design, so that when transferred into development, the possibilities are endlessly customizable. With the new site, Ciao Italy can now build new pages within minutes, using just a handful of modules. The goal is to transform the way they communicate information so it is simple and easy to scan.

And for content creators at Ciao Italy, we wanted to break tour information into editable modules so that it is user-friendly for font & back-end users. We achieved this by working with content writer, Angela Pickett to break down the CMS site hierarchy and information architecture to streamline the content hub.

Next steps

These designs ended up being put on hold due to the client's budget and COVID 19.

Usability Testing & Iterations
Our next steps would be to conduct usability testing and user interviews to uncover usability deficiencies and find design opportunities. In our next research and ideation phase, we'd want to test our hypothesis and whether our design decisions are validated.

Book Widget
Currently, the Rezgo widget only shows tour availability two months out and does not allow users to tailor their ticket purchase. While the pandemic has shifted global travel, Europe’s internal tourism is still booming.

Travel Agent Portal (B2B)
For this flow, we would be cautious of collaborating with Rezgo platform vs developing a dashboard of our own. We think the current problem that exists in the travel agent industry is that Rezgo does not encompass the freedom of their commission rates, profile, and booking. We would like for Ciao Italy travel agents to have an onboarding flow, responsive screens, and dashboard to tailor these problems.